Returning to the Source, Looking for What It Has to Offer

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Lara Hata
Cluck pizza, at Source.
Who could resist the appeal of a restaurant that ionizes and energizes its water and projects inspirational art onto the walls? Not me. Especially when it's a new vegetarian restaurant (with vegan options) in a town that could use more and when it's serving lunch in an isolated corner of SOMA.

All were factors that brought me back for multiple meals at Source, the subject of this week's restaurant review. Does the restaurant fulfill its aspiration to be a "multidemensional dining experience?" Perhaps, but a little more attention to the most tangible three dimensions would be welcome. Nevertheless, Source is a pleasant lunch spot with decent veggie burgers and pizzas baked in an oven whose mouth is shaped like Chinese dragon. And sometimes ― say, 12:30 in the afternoon ― that's really all you need. Just watch out for that Cosmic Brain Trip.

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