Eat Ice Cream, Help Kids. The End.

Alex Hochman
Hello, St. Francis Fountain Sundae.
​Supporting charity doesn't have to be a bitter pill, especially when you have ice cream to make it go down sweet and smooth. On Wed., June 1, more than 10 ice cream parlors around the city will be donating portions of their proceeds to the Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP), assisting young people with job training, youth development, and educational activities. Participating sweetshops include Bi-Rite, Mitchells, St. Francis Fountain, and many more. Now is that so hard to swallow?

See a full list of participating vendors at MYEEP's website.

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Nichole Hackett
Nichole Hackett

Jamaica Tea Co. also donates money from the sales of their Iced Tea & Coffee drinks to support Local Public Education Music Programs through  We salute the Ice Cream Shops and the Mayor' Youth Employment program!  Well Done!

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