Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival. For Real.

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"Chocolate & Chalk Art" Art Nouveau Woman chalk art by Natasha Robinson.
Where: North Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley

When: Saturday, June 4, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Cost: Free

The rundown: For one glorious day, the streets of Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto will transform from a posh shopping mall for rich hippies to a posh shopping mall for rich hippies and their children! The Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival is exactly what it sounds like -- you (and your precious littles) will binge on chocolate and when you're all properly cracked-out, you'll create manic sidewalk art with the provided chalk. Sounds pretty alright!

Check out the list of chocolate fantasies you can indulge in: organic raw dark chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache cupcakes, Nutella crepes, adult brownies (not that kind of adult brownie), savory chocolate ricotta pizza, Caribbean chocolate soup, and chocolate foot massages. God love 'em. So on Saturday, June 4, don't let soaring childhood obesity rates get your down -- grab your lil' Augustus Gloop's and let's EAT!

Laura is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino. Follow SFoodie on Twitter: @SFoodie, and like us on Facebook.
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