Chef-Crushing on London, Discovering Anda Piroshki: This Week in Food Bloggery

Nick Vasilopoulos/Stoqq
Gialina's Atomica.
Highlights from the blog this week:

1. Laura Beck eats at Ubuntu, faints, then interviews chef Aaron London as soon as she recovers. London reveals that he does indeed work 100 hours a week and strives to make every part of the artichoke edible, which is pretty much the vegetarian equivalent of learning to cook pig bladders and coxcombs.

2. Jason Henry writes a post honoring the great ― and expanding ― City Beer Store on its five-year anniversary, then describes some of the tripped-out specialty beers the owners served at their anniversary party.

3. John Birdsall interviews Anna Tvelova, a Moscow-to-S.F. transplant who's just about to open Anda Piroshki at the 331 Cortland Marketplace in Bernal Heights. Bonuses: There will be borscht, and vegan piroshki.

4. As part of the SFoodie's 92, which is wrapping up next week, Birdsall honors the Lao sausage sandwich at Pal's Takeaway, which both he and I have a serious thing for. I merely used the SF92 as an excuse to visit Gialina.

4.5. Side note: Congratulations to Traci Des Jardins for reminding America that San Francisco chefs do more than visit a few farms and pick out the best ingredients, then do nothing to them. Carina Ost has the details on her Top Chef Masters domination.

5. Finally, Jesse Hirsch continues our series of profiling SFoodie bloggers by interviewing Luis Chong, tracker of obscure ramen varieties, seeker of odd and wonderful finds in unexpected places. People like Chong are what make Yelp (which is where John Birdsall spotted him) worth reading.

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