Ten Worst Celebrity Cookbooks

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The must-have celebrity accessories change as frequently as the daily fro-yo flavors. Move over small dogs, adopted children, and Birkin bags, this is the age of celebrity cookbooks. Eva Longoria, G Pal, Sheryl Crow (author of If It Makes You Healthy), and of course Bon Appetit coverwoman Gwyneth, all released cookbooks in recent months, making SFoodie curious to count down the 10 Most Awesomely Bad Celebrity Cookbooks.

10. Cookin' with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price
Who knew a gangsta's paradise could be the kitchen? Coolio puts the G in gourmet with this collection of cost-conscious meals. With dishes like Cold Shrimpin', Bro-Ghetti, and Chicken Lettuce Blunts, you simply can't lose.

9. Mr. Sunday's Soups by Lorraine and Chris Wallace
Shadowed by his famous father Mike, Chris Wallace had to pave his own way in the dirty weekend news business. He and his wife have shared their soup recipes with the world. We don't think we'll ever be comfortable calling him Mr. Sunday, he'll always be Mr. Soupy to us.

8. Quarterback Killer's Cookbook by Jared Allen

The title made us think we'd found the mythical O.J. Simpson cookbook we'd heard about/possible dreamed up. What we did find was a Viking of a man named Jared Allen. His cookbook features braised bear and elk Wellington. We love the amazing tagline, "No one serves up wild game -- both on the field and off - like Jared Allen."

7. Hallelujah! The Welcome Table: A Lifetime of Memories with Recipes by Maya Angelou

We all know that Maya Angelou writes and speaks with such cadence, but we didn't know that she cooked. She authored her first cookbook in her late 70s and her second in her early 80s. Our favorite moment: her first night after moving to Sonoma, when she invited M.F.K. Fisher over for cassoulet.

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Arnold Gatilao
Arnold Gatilao

I don't know about hating on the Coolio cookbook. It's easily the most entertaining cookbook I've ever read. :)

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