Truck Backlash, Buffet Busting, & Rum School: This Week in Food Bloggery

Lou Bustamante
Study hall at Smuggler's Cove.
Highlights from the blog this week:

1. When Martin Cate announced his 200-rum tasting program at Smugglers' Cove, it seemed almost inconceivable that three people would make it through the full list, let alone so quickly. Lou Bustamante interviews three of the program's success stories and reports on their 201st rum: Triumvirate, which they helped distill.

2. All of us at SFoodie were heartened that San Francisco's new street food regulations passed so easily this fall. Thanks to John Birdsall's reporting this week, we're learning the downside of the new regs: Any NIMBY within range of a prime spot can block a food truck from parking there.

3. Thanks to Laura Beck's best practices for maximizing the buffet, you now know how to break the 6,000-calorie limit at Todai: limiting liquids and wearing the right pants.

4. Just as I was waiting for Jason Henry to file his SFoodie's 92 piece about Russian River Brewing's Consecration Ale, I spotted it on tap at Zeitgeist and ordered a glass. What a fantastic sour beer.

5. I vote for Vallarta, too. Second choice: the El Gallo Giro truck on 23rd St. and Treat.

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