Devil Burgers, Farewell to Feely, and Mutually Supportive Deliciousness

Vegetarians can apparently thank St. Francis back for its veggie burger.
Five highlights from the blogs and beyond:

1. This week, SFoodie hit the two-thirds mark on our countdown of our 92 favorite dishes (well, this year), covering ravioli in Russian Hill, SOMA breakfast pastries, and Burmese noodles in the Richmond. We here at SFoodie do want to note that, having read our fair share of bell hooks and Adrienne Rich in college, there's no hierarchy to the 92, but instead a collective of equally delicious, mutually supportive foods.

2. Laura Hooper Beck just posted a list of her seven favorite veggie burgers in the Bay Area. Plant Cafe I knew about, Saturn Cafe I'd heard about, but the St. Francis Fountain devil burger? Interesting. So far, commenters have added veggie burgers at Namu and Hotel Utah to her rankings.

3. Seeing Roger Feely, aka Soul Cocina, announce his last dinner feels like the closure of an era. Feely emerged as one of the great community-builders of S.F.'s street cart scene, helping to organize events, both indoors and out, and help shepherd fledgling food businesses into commercial kitchens. Most of us here are sad to see him leave town.

4. Some dishes you have to taste to appreciate, while the genius of others can be sniffed out just by reading their titles. Jun Belen identifies one of the latter: a pulled pork adobo sandwich in Oakland.

5. Lastly, Alastair Bland assigns some weekend homework: tasting barrel-aged beers.

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