SodaCraft Coming to the Ferry Plaza Market

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Jesse Friedman, aka Beer and Nosh, aka the soon-to-be-released Almanac Beer, just announced on his blog this morning that he has a third alias: SodaCraft.

We've written about Friedman's experiments with making ginger ale and other seasonal sodas for the New Taste Marketplace events his wife organizes. Now he's come up with a proper name, a logo, and a website. And come this Saturday, he'll be selling glasses of SodaCraft drinks at Hapa Ramen's Ferry Plaza farmers' market stand.

The sodas are made from natural fruit and ginger juices, discreet amounts of sugar, and enough baker's yeast to give them a prickly effervescence. SFoodie hasn't yet tried the fennel and orange soda he's debuting at the farmers' market, but we have drunk a glass of the ginger beer, which is so dry, with a burn so fresh-tasting and vivid, that it's almost a savory drink.

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Jeff McC
Jeff McC

I had a bit a month or two ago. Very good stuff.


This is going to kill it at FP. I'm going to have to try it with Hapa Ramen's veggie broth!

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