Refinery29, New SF Style and Food Newsletter, Launches

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This week marked the debut of the San Francisco edition of Refinery29, a New York-based fashion and shopping site that covers local fashion news and trend developments, including the dining scene. (One of the initial features, for example: "Where SF's Top Chefs Eat Off the Clock.")

Editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano is a fashion journalist whose work appears on publications such as as and Local readers might recognize her name from her postings on the Bay Area edition of The Feast, where fellow SFoodie blogger Tamara Palmer edits the Eat segment.

And in case you're wondering about the name Refinery29, it's supposed to reflect the work the newsletter does, which is to distill information on fashion and style. The company recently added a Chicago edition in January; the Los Angeles edition debuted in May 2010. Welcome to the fray!

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