New Grub at AT&T Park, Simply Mochi, and Phogate Starts to Stink

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Today in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

Who cares if Tim Lincecum ended up cashed like some loosely rolled blunt last night in L.A., it's the first taste of new-season food we're looking forward to at next week's Giants home opener at AT&T Park. NBC Bay Area has a preview of the new food options: lamb sausage in sourdough, El Gigante dog (same one served at Public House, we wonder?), the Orlando's stand's Baby Bull (a tri-tip sandwich that might or might not be served torta style), and a margarita/mojito bar, which ― come on, now ― is just asking for people to get un-pretty.

At the opposite end of the city's food spectrum: Mission Loc@l Q-and-A's Simply Mochi's Linda Lo, who vowed to master mochi-making after a trip to Japan and succeeded. She now sells both traditional and wildly inventive-sounding varieties at Pot + Pantry and at fabric8's Street Food Fridays. Plus, she's donating to tomorrow's sprawling Bakesale for Japan, the one at Bi-Rite.

And last night's Rice Paper Scissors 2.0 pop-up in the Mission has spawned phogate: Mission Mission blogger Andrew Sarkarati ended up the beardo vortex of a brawl, amid shifting explanations. Mission Mission first attributed it to Sarkarati using the luster of his MM byline to cut in line, then later strongly denied that Sarkarati cut. Somep'n don't smell right here, and we're not talking about the snail pho pots organizers Valerie Luu and Katie Kwan have put off scrubbing till the weekend.

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