Everything But the Haggadah: Three Passover Takeout Options

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Miller's Robby Morgenstein hits all the Passover classics.
​With Easter reliable falling on a Sunday for the past, oh, 2000 years or so, gentiles have it easy when it comes to holiday dinners. Us Hebrews, not so much.

A full weekend to cook would be nice, but Passover can seem like a moving target, and this year it hits on a Monday. So instead of rushing home from work to chip away at a frozen block of matzo ball soup and reheating a Costco chicken, may we suggest three takeout options?

The Manishewitz-drinking traditionalist will appreciate the offerings from Miller's East Coast Delicatessen . Think classics: brisket with gravy, roast chicken, gefilte fish. A bit more out of the ordinary (at least for Bay Area Jewish food) are Miller's sweet and sour cabbage rolls and sweet matzo kugel.

Don't let your rabbi catch you eying that ham.
​If your seder crowd is more into sipping Covenant Cabernet Sauvignon, considered the mensch of kosher wine, you'll probably want to bring in from Bi-Rite Market, where slow-roasted herbed wild salmon with horseradish beet relish; a Sephardic baby artichoke frittata with feta, fresh mint, and dill; and Zinfandel-braised Five Dot Ranch brisket fill up a catering list your Bronx bubbe probably wouldn't recognize.

And finally, we have the new kids on the block (we still can't believe that Donnie Wahlberg's not Jewish), Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen. For their first Passover go-round, Leo Beckerman and Evan Bloom are doing the prerequisite brisket ― theirs' is braised in red wine with prunes ― but also getting all politically correct on the haggadah, serving up gefilte fish made from scratch with sustainable catch, and mock chopped liver prepared from nut and vegetable pate. But don't worry: they'll also have the artery-clogging stuff.

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Miller's East Coast Delicatessen: 1725 Polk (at Clay), 563-3542.
Bi-Rite Market: 3639 18th St. (at Guerrero), 241-9760.
Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen: At Jackie's Vinoteca and Cafe, 105 Valencia (at McCoppin), adjacent to Off the Grid McCoppin Hub. Operates Sat., 9 a.m-2 p.m; call 783-3354 to order Passover catering. All orders must be placed by Tue., Apr. 12.

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