Closing of the Eagle Tavern Will Rip a Hole in the City's Cultural Fabric

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Brian M./Yelp
Scene at the Eagle after Pride last year.
At our sister arts and culture blog the Exhibitionist, SF Weekly's Keith Bowers reflects on what the imminent closing of the Eagle Tavern ― slated for April 30, by an out-of-town landlord who apparently wants to open a very different kind of bar in the legendary SOMA space ― will mean to the city at large, quite apart from guys who might have a pair of assless chaps clipped to a hanger in the closet. Bowers:
It was known as a gay, leather, and biker bar, but its clientele was manifold. One poster on Yelp reports: "This place is also very woman friendly, so it's one of the few gay bars in S.F. where both men women, gay and straight, hang, and get along, and are not isolated from one another" ... Its Sunday Beer Bust was legendary as a place people could go for some bawdy daytime fun while also giving money to a good cause.

My own first time at the Eagle came when I was fresh from college, didn't know the dress code, and showed up drunk with a buddy, wearing preppy bucks and a cardigan (I know, right?). Amazingly, in a place packed with leather-capped, mustached, armbanded men, nobody was rude to me. Here's a link to the Bowers piece, and one to music editor Ian S. Port's report from last night's protest.

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boo to you guy.... if you can't say anything nice say it on Yelp


Oh, puh-leeze. Fact is the Eagle Tavern is long past its sell-by date. Warm, stale beers. Extremely limited bar. Dingy, dirty.

It has seen better days and the people hanging out there were the same ones that hung out there 20-30 years ago. Some of them are my friends but even they recognize they're seeing the place through nostalgia's glasses.


Regardless, the whole temperature of the debate has changed when the owner "came out" as a raging homophobe.

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