We Hate Saying Goodbye, Except When We Do It with Chicken and Waffles

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Carina Ost
Yesterday at La Victoria: Chicken by Soul Cocina, waffle by Sour Flour, craving by Mildred Pierce.
​Let's talk good combinations: chicken + waffles, Soul Cocina + Sour Flour, Kate Winslet + nude scenes + every movie.

If you're anything like us, you' spent the last month religiously watching Winslet in the HBO five-part miniseries Mildred Pierce. It's a story about mothers and daughters, betrayal, hot sex, the Depression, and a whole lot more, but since we're SFoodie, we were just as turned on by Mildred's pie-making and chicken and waffle restaurant. Every Sunday night for three weeks we craved her chicken and waffles.

The series came to a conclusion last Sunday, but our chicken and waffles craving was still in full force. Then yesterday through the Twitter grapevine, we caught word of chicken and waffles for lunch at La Victoria: Soul Cocina's Roger Feely was doing the chicken, Sour Flour's Danny Gabriner the waffles.

Wait, you say, wasn't Soul Cocina's Roger Feely supposed to have left town by now? Almost. Feely's hitting Interstate 80 for Chicago tomorrow, says La Victoria's Jaime Maldonado, and he needed a little gas money. Yesterday's chicken and waffle lunch was really and truly Feely's last gasp in S.F., at least for now. You better believe we were there.

Within minutes we were sipping a La Victoria lime agua fresca, seated before a plate of what we'd been craving for weeks. The waffle was big and pillowy-soft, the chicken moist and cornflake-breaded. There was both classic maple syrup and a really delicious tamarind one that paired perfectly with the limeade. Quite nice: no menu, no fuss, no check (it was donation only), the guys in the kitchen asking if we wanted more waffles, more chicken, or both. If we didn't have to walk home up our hill afterward we could have stayed for hours, filling up on more and more.

We placed cash in the jar for what we thought was fair. Relax, we tipped well ― Feely and Gabriner just satiated a 3-week craving. We walked home sniffing our hands and thinking that maple syrup urinary disease might not be so bad.

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