AT&T Park's Gluten-Free Dog Strikes Out, the Tri-Tip Sandwich Gets the Save

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Alex Hochman
The Baby Bull carved tri-tip sandwich ($12.50), early leader for rookie of the year.
Brandon Belt isn't the only Giants rookie getting off to a slow start this season. The gluten-free hot dog ($7.75), one of many new food offerings at AT&T Park, is the single worst thing SFoodie has shoved into our mouth at a sporting event, and that includes an unfortunate pizza we had the misfortune of tasting at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1991.
Alex Hochman
The gluten-free hot dog ($7.75): Why?
The blame lay entirely with the roll, pasty in both mouthfeel and flavor and an insult to the gluten-averse. We waited until the kiss camera had the crowd's attention, then spat out the bun and buried it under a mound of peanut shells. Wisely, Centerplate, the Giants' generally reliable food service operator, has hidden the gluten-free dog where no one can find it ― at the upscale beer stand behind section 112. Shame of it is the sausage itself, a smoky quarter-pounder from Saag's, was half decent, even cold. We wish it had been served on a stick instead.

Much better was the Baby Bull ($12.50), a huge, carved tri-tip sandwich we found at a stand behind the bleachers next to Orlando's BBQ. Though a tad dry and bland on its own, the tri-tip lit up like Aaron Rowand did on the Dodgers' pitchers last night, after additions of pickled vegetables (included) and a few squirts of Orlando's chipotle sauce. Paired with an order of crisp sweet potato fries ($6), it made for a filling pregame snack.

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Gluten Intolerance
Gluten Intolerance

The tri tip sandwich is really big. For me, I go with gluten – free hotdog. Good thing is cheap and gluten free. And the texture and style is simple not like wit other one which makes more nasty.


Obviously the tri tip sandwich is going to be better than the gluten-free hot dog. Too bad no one on a gluten-free diet will be able to eat the tri tip sandwich to see for themselves though. You don't have to like the GF hot dog, but you could applaud the Giants for finally joining the mass of MLB stadiums that offer GF options.

Jo Qatana
Jo Qatana

Why on earth would anyone not on a gluten-free diet even want to taste a gluten free product at the ball game? And-at the hidden beer where they serve it is there actual documentation that this bread came from a dedicated gluten free environment with the exact ingredients listed?

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