50 Fremont Brings Farm-Fresh Produce to Mondays

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Hey, remember when we said that if you wanted a farmers' market on Monday or Friday, you were SOL? Well, as of today, that's no longer true. A brand-spankin'-new market has bloomed in a public plaza at 50 Fremont in the Financial District. Its one-page website promises fresh fruits and veggies, as well as "lots of pastries, chocolates, flowers, organic vegan ice cream, agave ices, [and] music to lose the Monday blues." As of press time we have no information on which farms will be represented or whether this is intended to be a seasonal market or ongoing, but at any rate, it's a ray of light on the otherwise market-bleak Monday slot. Now, who's taking up Fridays?

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Great update Sean! I believe that new market is organized by the same people (Mark Brett) who did the now defunct Metreon Farmers Market. If you remember that market, the only produce vendor was Catalan Farms and the rest were mostly prepared foods vendors (at first they did have 4 other farmers but later they left).

bonnie gemmell
bonnie gemmell

Awesome! On my way to and from Sonoma I can pick up anything I may be missing on Monday. This is great news!

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