Vegans Help Japan, Nate Appleman Tweaks the Burrito, Puppies Heart Cabbage!

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SFoodie's roundup of tips, news, and rants from the week in animal-free eats.

• The earthquake, aftershocks, tsunami, and subsequent devastation in Japan are heavy on the minds of pretty much everyone with a soul. It's heartbreaking, and the absolute WORST. If you're looking for ways to help the animals who were affected, VegNews has a great roundup of organizations that desperately need assistance.

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When the going gets rough, vegans everywhere get bakesaling.
​• Have you signed up to host or participate in a Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale yet? Because DUH. The SF Vegan Bakesale has yet to announce a date for its event, but all the proceeds will go to Japanese earthquake relief. Eat cake and help people, that's what it's all about, people.

• The New York Times is really showing her age. Which is old. And stupid. They published a piece on how plants feel pain and so eating them is just as bad as eating animals. OMFG, I mean, I'd expect this argument from ... well, I'm trying to think who.... Oh yes, people who feel superguilty and are in denial about eating dead animals. I guess that's about what you'd expect from the faux-liberal idiots who write and edit that rag. Megan Rascal has an excellent response over at Vegansaurus.

• Okay, okay, the NYT is good for SOMETHING other than wiping my buttocks (TP is expensive and these things are laying all over Starbucks!). They published a chart about American meat consumption over the past decade. Man, we're a bunch of gross-ass gluttons ... eating animals for literally every meal like it's a never-ending resource. USA! USA! USA! Mark Bittman wrote an interesting piece about the enormous disparity in treatment between pet animals and food animals. It's strong, but it kinda bums me out that he talks shit on hamsters to make his point. Hamsters are dope, they can even rap!

• Bittman follows it up with a good piece on the need for cameras in factory farms and slaughterhouses to monitor widespread abuses. The thing is, the grotesque footage you see whenever undercover video gets attention from mainstream media isn't the exception. It's the rule. I mean, imagine working in a factory farm or slaughterhouse where there is absolutely zero respect for life, and not becoming a part of the flagrant system of abuse? Um, Stanford Prison Experiment, anyone? HELLO. The humans who work there become monsters because look at where they work. That's why almost everyone who is employed by these places isn't a citizen, because WHO WOULD WANT THESE JOBS? It's a system with widespread mistreatment of both humans and animals but YES I KNOW, bacon is tasty.

Puppies eating cabbage. It's like a vegan's not-gross wet dream.

Michael Temchine for The New York Times
Libby ― with Wayne Pacelle.
​• A good blog post by Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, about the clout of puppy mills in Missouri, where they successfully overthrew Prop. B. It's very depressing for anyone who loves puppies, and also for those who believe in the fairness of government. Also: WAKE UP, GOLDILOCKS!

• Last weekend was the Natural Products Expo West trade show. It's like THE place for companies to debut their natural/fancy/organic products. The new vegan bounty is given excellent coverage by VegNews and quarrygirl. I WANT EVERYTHING GIVE IT TO ME.

• Celebrity chef (such a douche term) Nate Appleman is working for Chipotle and focusing on making their veggie burritos tastier. You know what, that's fucking rad: If Americans are eating fast food, it might as well be done with the least amount of suffering, and you know what? Their guacamole is tasty I SAID IT AND I DON'T REGRET IT.

• Food Empowerment Project has a great list up of all the places that make and sell fair trade chocolate. If you're into not eating chocolate that's laced with children's tears, you'll check it out!

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