Tonight: Kim Severson Returns to Omnivore

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Kim Severson.
Kim Severson and Spoon Fed

Where: Omnivore Books on Food, 3885a Cesar Chavez (at Church), 282-4712

When: Tonight, Mar. 3, 6-7 p.m.

Cost: Free

The rundown: It's no secret that reporter and author Kim Severson has a crush on San Francisco. After moving from the Chronicle to the New York Times, she gushed to SFoodie about being attracted to New York's "gorgeous younger sister." That must be why she can't stay away. On the heels of last night's discussion with Chad Robertson and Sue Conley, Severson heads to Omnivore Books to read from her idol-worship food memoir, Spoon Fed. Seeing as how she did this very same event last year, we're thinking she really wants to move back. Maybe you should stop first and get her a burrito from Papalote to help seal the deal.

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