Saison's Owners Are Too Damn Busy, the Yelp Case Is Too Damn Sketchy

Today in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco restaurant scene.

Grub Street has a word with Saison's Josh Skenes re: what's up with Decantr, which was a wine bar with small plates (SFoodie just loved the chicken liver mousseline) but then became, well ― nothing. The place closed in late February, as Skenes and partner Mark Bright vowed to reconcept. The reconcept (a raw bar) was scheduled to fly in March, but there isn't much time left in March, now is there? Skenes tells Grub they've been too busy to get to it. Still: Will the mousseline ever return?

And San Francisco Business Times reports on Yelp's dodging of the bullet, as federal judge Marilyn Hall Patel throws out the "implied extortion" case against the user review site, citing, in part, lack of evidence of said extortion threats. It's all that fault of that darned algorithim. Seriously, your honor.

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A little amuse for those still interested in the Yelp brouhaha: George Chen of Shanghai 1930, Xanadu (both closed) and Betelnut has been trashing other restuarants on yelp (sadly, a web archive does not exist of the 5-star review he gave Shanghai 1930 but here are his rantings on the others, including the tiny Bistro Vis à Vis, which earned his ire by placing second to French Laundry in the Best Fod rankings by Opentable diners Feb-March; he rwietes as "gregory c" but his caller id and Amex Black show "greg Chen" and "GQ Chen":


A pdf file of Chen's review exists (since deleted from his profile), and reads in part: "I've been going there for years now and it keeps getting better!... Maybe people will figure out real Chinese food after the respect the Olympics gave to the country and it's real first love...that is to eat well! "

Well said, George.


I loved the old Decantr.


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