Pudong Closes

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Genevieve Y./Yelp
Pudong offered both Chinese and French dishes, like this tartare.
​After only three months, Pudong ― the sleek Shanghainese restaurant in the old Mecca space at 2029 Market ― has shuttered. When it opened in mid-December, Pudong was noted as a Chinese brasserie that stayed open late. Ex-Shanghai 1930 chef Jason Xu juxtaposed familiar Chinese dishes such as salt-and-pepper calamari with bistro numbers like boeuf bourguignonne (though the menu currently online seems to have 86ed the French food). But Yelp reviews trended brutal, and a friend of SFoodie's who's lived and traveled extensively in Asia called it faux-Shanghainese, with utterly flavorless food. The woman who answered the phone today confirmed that the restaurant had closed, but offered no further information. An SF Weekly staffer who phoned earlier got an unidentified Pudong worker who said the concept just didn't fly. Asked if there were plans for a new concept, he said probably not.

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this place was an utter botch. went after it first opened, no drink list, food with zero personality, and the ghost of Mecca seemed to be hovering everywhere (and no, that's not a good thing)


Shanghai food is one of my favorite Chinese regional cuisines, and it is hard to find in the Bay Area. Too bad Pudong couldn't deliver.

(BTW, that name was never auspicious. "Pudong" means ordinary, which is not a good name for a restaurant.)

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