Mission Chinese Food Gets a Smoker, Starts Offering BBQ

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Danny Bowien: What's he been smoking?
​Just when SFoodie thought we had Mission Chinese Food's Danny Bowien figured out, he goes and does something sort of, well: crazy. In a good way. We think.

Two weeks ago, SFoodie blogger Alex Hochman reported on strange sightings at MCF: a smoker Bowien told Hochman he was planning to have shipped from Oklahoma. Bowien said he wanted to do barbecue ― not Chinese-style barbecue, he said, but straight-up American-style barbecue, by the pound. We asked Bowien's partner, Anthony Myint, who confirmed that they'd indeed gotten a smoker, but wondered if they'd use it to smoke, or just as a warmer and slow-cooker.

Today, we got our answer, in the form of the new menu at Mission Chinese Food (it launches Thu., Mar. 3). It's got barbecue, all right, marked "Chinese": smoked beef brisket, pulled pork trotters, Xi'an lamb cheeks. All served with smoked cola BBQ sauce, pickles, and white bread ― Chinese-style, maybe? There's also kung pao corned beef (not sure if that's the same as the kung pao pastrami Bowien described in an e-mail as "fucking amazing.") Thing is, we're amazed already.

Oh, and one side note: That smoker from Oklahoma never happened, though Bowien and Myint did end up getting one from ex-Bruno's operator Ryan Ostler.

Update, Mar. 4: Check out Alex Hochman's first-day take on Bowien's kung pao corned beef

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I would love to try some smoked BBQ in Chinese version. They can come up with some interesting recipes!

Luvin Anonimity
Luvin Anonimity

Wow! 'Cue with bread & pickles! FINALLY somebody gets it right! And it takes a Chinese joint to do it.....

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