Comings and Goings on Judah

Tamara Palmer
Maomao's has been coming soon since the fall.
​We've noticed some comings and goings along a stretch of Judah in the Sunset. A sign for Maomao's Kitchen has gone up over the papered windows at 2555 Judah (at 31st Ave.). A posted liquor license application has a September date, and a peek through the newspaper reveals not a whole lot of action, but we're going to guess this will be the future home of some sort of Chinese cafe?

Up the street, 2-year-old Shabu Lounge (2407 Judah, at 29th Ave.) appears to be shuttered, with posted signs listing You and Me Cafe as the new occupants. The stretch could really use a thoughtful cafe selling something other than dishes made with the kind of ingredients Sysco (or the Asian equivalent) drops off, so we're hopeful You and Me can come up with a good concept.

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Out of the 25 Chinese characters I've managed to learn over the years, it looks like the place is going to serve Shandong-style food. Can anyone who actually reads Chinese verify?

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