No. 37: Roast Chicken at Limón Rotisserie

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Half-chicken from Limón Rotisserie, $9.95.
SFoodie's countdown of our 92 favorite things to eat and drink in San Francisco, 2011 edition.

Pollo a la brasa is ubiquitous in Lima, omnipresent in New York, and rare in San Francisco. Which is why we're so fortunate that Limón Rotisserie's roast chicken is excellent.

The rotating rotisserie was introduced to Peru in the 1950s by a Swiss-Peruvian restaurateur (if you speak Spanish, there's an informative history of pollo a la brasa on YouTube). His restaurant, La Granja Azul, still seasons its pollo a la brasa with salt alone, serving the chicken with thick-cut fried potatoes and a green salad on the side. La Granja Azul's thousands of imitators, who have turned pollo a la brasa into one of Peru's national dishes, have doctored up their rubs with spices such as cumin, garlic, and rocoto chiles.

Whatever Martin Castillo's cooks do to their chicken at Limón ― it's a secret ― the chickens come off the spit with crackly, ruddy skins marked with waves of flame-blackened spice. Lick your fingers and you'll note salt and garlic, perhaps a little lemon; SFoodie suspects, but can't prove, the presence of rocoto chiles.

The cooks have memorized the right moment to take each spit off the flames, and since the restaurant does such a brisk business, the chicken has no time to sit around, growing flabby-skinned and firm. There's no benefit to eating it prettily, either. It's so tender you can easily pluck the pale-pink flesh off with your fingers, your fingertips glistening with juices after a bite or two. The breast is as flavorful as the fattier thigh meat, and wings and drumsticks both end up whittled down to bare bone.

Limón Rotisserie is the rare San Francisco restaurant where you can take a date, have a good meal and a glass of sangria, and only spend $20 a person. That's because each order comes with a choice of two sides and three sauces ― a creamy rocoto mayonnaise, a buzzy aji amarillo sauce, and an herb-and-garlic chimichurri. The sauce we reserve for the yuca fries; the pollo a la brasa needs nothing else.

Limon Peruvian Rotisserie: 1001 South Van Ness (at 21st St.), 821-2134.

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Julian R.M.
Julian R.M.

This dish would go much higher on my own list! Don't tell so many people about the affordability for food & sangria dinner - it's already hard enough to get a table at this place;-)


21st Street, not Ave. Otherwise great review.

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