Kati Rolls, Three-Fingered Gamblers, and Holy Cannoli: This Week in Food Bloggery

A kati-roll vendor in Kolkota.
Five highlights from the blogs this week:

1. John Birdsall interviews Annamika Khanna from Kasa about the closing of her Marina branch, learns why she's doing weekly vegan dinners at the Corner if she eats dairy herself, and gets the sad news that Kasa's kati roll truck is still a long ways off.

2. Can't figure out which was more entertaining: Jesse Hirsch's profile of SFoodie blogger Lou Bustamante ― part of Jesse's new series of getting-to-know-you pieces about our contributors ― or Lou's profile pic. To clarify: Lou makes that face a lot.

3. My favorite post this week was Birdsall's SFoodie's 92 piece about the memories that Swensen's sticky chewy chocolate ice cream evokes. Being babysat at the racetrack? Sidling up to a three-fingered gamblers for betting tips? I was lucky if I was allowed to watch more than two hours of television in a row.

Jonathan Kauffman
Persian herb-and-feta bread.
4. Back in my East Bay Express days, the consolation for driving 40 miles to review a restaurant in Fremont was to stop at Little Kabul's bakeries on the way back. Since I no longer have the excuse, it was a relief to find a Berkeley source for freshly baked Persian and Afghan breads. This trip to Middle East Market: not my last.

5. Speaking of driving, if All Spice, Ramen Dojo, and the Attic weren't enough, Luis Chong IDs one more to drive down to San Mateo for: proper cannoli at Romolo's. Based on the fact that the story was retweeted out dozens of times, there are a lot of East Coast immigrants who are looking for that very thing.

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