Jersey's Soars, Benu Recycles

The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco restaurant scene.

Carina Ost
Better than a green bin: the Benu burrito.
DTF: Grub Street told you what to eat before it unlocked the doors, and yesterday the Richmond District Blog checked out Jersey's, 200 Sixth Ave. (at Cornwall). The pitch: East Coast sandwiches from a couple of West Coast restaurant vets. RDB gushed, "We may have the next Ike's on our hands!" Note to San Francisco eviction lawyers: SFoodie's pretty sure that comment had to do with the potential popularity of Jersey's sandwiches, not future billable hours.

Scraps: And in case you missed it on SFoodie yesterday, Carina Ost peeled back the foil on what just might be San Francisco's most successful recycling effort ever: the leftover-meat burritos that emerge late Saturday from the glassed-in four-stariness of Benu's kitchen.

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Best Date Spots San Francisco

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