S.F. Rising: House of Bagels' Marble Rye

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Jonathan Kauffman
Marble rye from House of Bagels.
S.F. Rising is a weekly survey of bread in San Francisco ― the baked and the fried, the artisan and the novelty.

Marble Rye
Source: House of Bagels, 5030 Geary (at 15th Ave.), 752-6000
Price: $7.35 for a half-loaf
Toast-appropriateness: 1/10

SFoodie had no idea that marble rye had earned its 15 minutes until we visited the Richmond bakery's website to double-check the price of the loaf we picked up. "Made famous by Seinfeld," the site mentions, and Wikipedia YouTube provided evidence. There are probably a few thousand Seinfeld-quoters out there who think "Shut up, y'old bag!" every time they see a loaf of pumpernickel-rye swirl.

Us, we think Mel Brooks movie posters. The swirl looks like a cartoon hypnotist's spell, the dark evenly rolled in with the light, impossible to tease out with impatient fingers. The bread's soft, glossy-crusted, and speckled with seeds ― and given the fact that a full loaf measures close to three feet long, a half-loaf should suffice. The caraway is strong with this one, almost camphor-strength in its potency, dominating the grassier notes of rye. Would we mug an old lady for a loaf? No. Does the marble rye make for a great egg salad sandwich, especially when you toss an extra dollop of Dijon into the mayonnaise and substitute Chinese celery for the crunchier, more watery Western variety? Why, yes, it does.

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Freddie Mackey
Freddie Mackey

Fantastic job. I didn't anticipate this. This can be a excellent story. Thanks!

Donna Klaus
Donna Klaus

Thank you for this great post! It has been extremely helpful. I hope that you will continue posting your wisdom with us.


Since when was House of Bagels in the Outer Sunset? 15th and Geary is smack dab in the middle of the Richmond. And, yea, that rye looks amazing. I'm picking one up ASAP.

Food and Wine Maven
Food and Wine Maven

Wondering if you know about the artisan bagels coming to SF (http://spotbagel.blogspot.com/...


Tried those bagels a week ago.  Absolutely horrible, leathery and tough. For a real bagel, go to Katz off of Mission, who make bagels very similar to what you'll find on the East Coast or Chicago.  House of Bagels in the Richmond is excellent also. 

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