Dongbei Mama Sweeps Into the Richmond, and Ike ― WTF?

Today in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco restaurant scene.

SFoodie's Tamara Palmer peered into the windows of MaoMao Kitchen, a yet-to-open Dongbei eatery on Judah earlier this week. Now comes word of Dongbei Mama at 4737 Geary (at 11th Ave.) in the Richmond, another Dongbei spot that took the place of Panda Country Kitchen, and is already open (its one and only Yelp review: three stars). The pitch: Northeastern Chinese dishes like spicy pig ears, crispy pig intestine, napa and pork belly stew, steamed lamb dumplings. And a name that makes us smile.

Meanwhile, Eater keeps its eye on the Marina, with word that Gravity (3251 Scott, at Chestnut) will morph into Hudson. The pitch: high-end bar, with appetizers that include a cheese plate and "edamame poppers." The edamame part makes them high-end.

And finally, from Grub Street: Ike. Holy shit, dude.

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Best Date Spots San Francisco
Best Date Spots San Francisco

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Best Date Spots San Francisco
Best Date Spots San Francisco

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