Alice Waters' Big Twittery Announcement? Give Money to Edible Schoolyards

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Chez Panisse Foundation
​That momentous announcement we hinted at Friday, the one so big it would drive the charmingly Luddite Alice Waters to begin tweeting? Turns out it was merely biggish.

Waters served up the news at Twitter HQ late yesterday ― Inside Scoop has a point-by-point report that suggests the event was as infuriatingly oblique as it was illuminating. Bottom line: Chez Panisse is celebrating its 40th birthday on Aug. 28, and Waters is marshaling interest in the event to spotlight her career's signature achievement (besides inventing the modern salad, putting goat cheese on every restaurant menu in America in the '80s and '90s, and driving interest in slow food both uppercase and lower), the Edible Schoolyard. The initiative: Eating for Education.

The weekend of the anniversary ― Aug. 26-28 ― the conceptual art kids who run OPENRestaurant are taking over the Berkeley Art Museum for an as-yet unfleshed-out series of events. And various Chez Panisse chef alums are slated to cook Saturday Suppers in private homes, with proceeds going to Eating for Education. We'll tell you about specific events as plans solidify in the next few months.

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