Zimmern's S.F. Bizarre Foods Episode Doesn't Look So Bizarre

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Is this extortion?

Last summer, Andrew Zimmern checked into town to tape an episode of Bizarre Foods. In June, SFoodie's Tamara Palmer reported on speculation that producers for the shiny-domed Travel Channel host had reached out to forageSF's Iso Rabins to find gross stuff. Did Shirley Fong-Torres lead Zimmern on a Wok Wiz walk through Chinatown, or offer advice about the best place to encounter sea cucumber? Unclear on both counts.

Now it looks like the bizarrities in question might be things nicked from dumpsters. In a promo posted on Zimmern's website last night, there are brief clips of ― what ― Food Not Bombs? Freegans? All framed with a sort of vague interest in slaying homelessness. In fact (here's the extortion part), Zimmern's site reveals that, for every TV clicked to the S.F. episode on Tuesday, Mar. 1, Travel Channel will donate 10 cents to the 100,000 Homes Campaign (up to $100,000 anyway). The episode's called "A Different Side of San Francisco," or maybe that's just the name of Zimmern's tease. Hard to say, though the "different" part, what's that all about? Different than cliches of San Franciscans dropping a few hundred on a meal at Zuni? Or buying $3 peaches at Ferry Plaza? Or like when your mom looks at the street-artist painting you got her for Mother's Day and says it's "different"?

Extortion or not we'll watch. Especially since it'll cost Travel Channel a dime. Would it be bad if we asked them to apply it to our U-verse bill instead?

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