OCD for OCD Sweets, and Whaling on Whalers

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SFoodie's roundup of tips, news, and rants from the week in animal-free eats.

• Tofutti is set to release a vegan ricotta. This is huge news and I pray it is delicious. The second that it hits the market, I'll make approximately one million lasagnas.

Put us in a room with OCD Sweets caramels, and we're all like this.
​• The Feb. 26 East Bay Vegan Bakesale is coming! They need bakers and volunteers, so help out because nothing is quite as delicious as baking for a good cause. Well, maybe eating for a good cause. That's actually probably more delicious.

• The meat industry is pissed about Meatless Monday. You know, because something BESIDES meat is being promoted ONE DAY A WEEK. For real, these people are unbelievable.

• Japanese "whale research" ships (read: murdering whales for no scientific purpose whatsoever) have called it quits for the rest of the winter because Sea Shepherd chased them out of the waters. Woohoo! What the Japanese whaling ships are doing violates the international moratorium on whaling and so their asses should be called the fuck out.

• SFoodie's own Tamara Palmer found the most amaaaazing-looking caramels ever and they're VEGAN. Currently only for sale at Other Avenues in S.F., but hopefully that will expand ASAP. I'll be eating these with a ferocity that makes Augustus Gloop look like the child that he is. Or was. Or never was. Whatever.

• The latest Good Housekeeping vegan cookbook is here! Yes! Now we can make chipped steak and serve it in Jell-O molds and it'll be VEGAN. God, I really need a traveling salesman husband who brings home clients to impress. I'd so Donna Reed that shit, you have no idea.

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus and tweets at @mrpenguino. Follow SFoodie at @sfoodie, and like us on Facebook.

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Although I am thankful for the end of the Japanese 2011 whaling season by Watson and his merry men (and women!), it is with prudence.

Although it was done with great effort by the Sea Shepherd, what we often miss is what lies beneath the retreat. It just seemed “too easy”. Obviously the Japanese did not want a full-scale situation. But to retreat may signal other plans. Such as getting agreements in with the U.S. to allow the hunting of gray whales. Keep in mind that the US Marine & Wildlife will not approve the gray whales to be placed on the endangered species list, even with suggestions by creditable research institutions.

But recent comments found in various press reports in different newspapers around the world, suggest that gray whale populations are “on the increase” and also being that the case, “gray whale populations may not be sustained in the ocean due to their recent growth”.

Hmmm. Let me see... Over one hundred years ago, gray whale populations were in the hundreds of thousands. Now, numbering less than 20,000 (not a true count - probably much lower) the same creatures may be “too much” for our oceans?

Enter the Japanese. There are already plans afoot to move their hunt to the north of their country and in their own “international waters”. And with the sanction/blessing of the U.S. government that grays have “saturated” the ocean, I am concerned by recent press that this is but a “set-up” to hunt more whales.

And although your report is quite well done, in 1996 Japan was recorded with 1600 tons of frozen whale meat. Now, in 2011, 6,000 tons of frozen whale meat sit in Japanese food lockers! You report 4,800 tons, but it is 6,000 TONS!!!

Japanese officials are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to get this meat distributed into their masses, when in fact less that 1 1/2% of the culture eat whale meat! They have tried making flavored hamburgers and hot dogs, pushing whale meat into parochial school lunches,etc.

I wonder what is next.

Jesse Hirsch
Jesse Hirsch

If a big gross company like Sodexo is stepping up, that's says something.

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