Wednesday: On Beer and Flowers

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The paraphernalia is for brewing. Seriously.
Jungle Love

Where: Conservatory of Flowers, 100 JFK Drive, Golden Gate Park, 831-2090

When: Wed., Feb. 9, 6-9 p.m.

Cost: $5

The rundown:
Bryan Hermannsson and Patrick M. Horn, the smiley beardos behind Pacific Brewing Laboratories, spend countless hours tinkering and toiling in their nanobrewery on Clara Street in SOMA. Every other Thursday, they open up the labs and release wee batches to the masses, usually paired with some choice nosh. Just to mess with your head this week, they're switching up the day and location of the tasting, hauling their kegs to the Conservatory of Flowers on Wednesday night. As if beer and flora weren't enough, this low-key romantic event offers a bit of everything, including live jazz, ever-popular fridge decorator Magnolia Photo Booth, poems-on-demand, and more. There will also be a cash bar and tastings of Al Gore's favorite wine. Just try not to trample the tulips.

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Too bad they ran out of beer so quickly. And shame on them for continuing to take people's money without even mentioning the fact that the beer was gone by 7:30. The one hibiscus saison I was able to get was pretty tasty, but still, pretty amateurish all around.

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