No. 72: Sauerbraten at Walzwerk

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Walzwerk's sauerbraten, $18.
SFoodie's countdown of the 92 best things to eat and drink in San Francisco, 2011 edition.

SFoodie has eaten sauerbratens so vinegary we worried that the meat had spoiled. But Walzwerk's sauerbraten, one of the Mission restaurant's best dishes, hits just the right balance of meat to marinade. According to Walzwerk's chef, Matt Shapiro, the restaurant's recipe comes from the owner's Thuringian relatives. Shapiro bathes tri-tip in red wine, vinegar, and spices for three to four days, then sautés aromatic vegetables and braises the meat in the marinade.

During the long simmer, the wine reduces and commingles with the beef juices, the flavors penetrating to the heart of the cut. Sliced and sauced, the sauerbraten is sour, but wine-sour instead of piercingly tart, and so tender that the meat slides apart when you push at it with your knife. Mop up the sauce with boiled potatoes or the restaurant's feathery spaetzle.

Walzwerk: 381 S. Van Ness (at 15th St.), 551-7181.

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