Bittman Blasts McDonald's, Old People Say No to Meat Loaf, Wholesome Bakery Rules!

SFoodie's roundup of tips, news, and rants from the week in animal-free eats.

Mark Bittman writes a lot (and I mean a lot) about how fucked McDonald's oatmeal is and how basically, it's a reflection of how fucked the company is and how they don't give two shits about anything but getting paid. The dollar dollar bills y'all, AMIRITE? See you all at the Diabetes-Heart-Attack-Death-Fat wing of Alta Bates in 30 minutes!

Oh, hell no!
​• AARP promotes Meatless Mondays! This is especially cool because usually old people just make fun of everything vegetarian and are all, "Where's the beef!" and shit. The proudest moment of my dad's life is when he got his AARP card in the mail. My mom getting hers, now that's another story, because she's 49 forever. A TV was definitely thrown through a window that day.

• It's Girl Scout cookie time! What was once a joyous time of year is now THE WORST. Those little pushers on every corner, peddling their addictive smack. Well, now I've got one up on them! Chef Chloe Coscarelli's easy, delicious, and slightly healthier (?) version of the classic Thin Mints. Will you bake me a batch? Please? If you read this column every week and give even one iota of an ounce of crap about me, you will do me this solid.

• There's a new cheese shop in Oakland that's serving up vegan grilled cheeses, y'all! Sunday is especially veg-friendly, with vegan soups and more. Time to move in!

• Wholesome Bakery is expanding! Woo! First, they're taking over Whole Foods and next stop: THE WORLD! This very website reports on Mandy Harper and her plans for world domination via sandwich cookies.

• Did you hear that Panda "our vegetables are made of chicken chow mein" Express tried to open at U.C. Berkeley? And that a group of students found out and were like OH HELL NO and raised $100,000 and opened a co-op instead? It happened. Goddamned bright-eyed go-getting college students, all positive about the future and their ability to change the world.

• In an investigation conducted by Canada's CBC TV news, two-thirds of 100 chicken samples from major Canadian grocers were contaminated with some superbug bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. Scariest part? A lot of the bacteria was resistant to treatment for various antibiotics. "This is the most worrisome study I've seen of its kind," said Rick Smith, the head of Environmental Defence, a consumer advocacy group. Damn, that is scary larry.

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My dad was so excited about his AARP card too! But not nearly as excited as when he got his senior bus pass.

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