Flesh and Aphrodisiacs: Guide to Day 5 of SF Beer Week

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Hold on to that lovin' feeling: V-Day redux, with oysters, at Magnolia Pub.
Tuesday, Feb. 15

The glow of Valentine's Day is behind us, and a thick gloom has replaced our early summer weather. Before you let the doldrums take hold, remember that the SF Beer Week cup is still more than half full! Put on your party hat and rekindle yesterday's flame.

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​Sure, Monday was all about romantic trysting, but that shouldn't keep you from indulging in an aphrodisiac today:

Oysters and Beer
Where: Magnolia Pub, 1398 Haight (at Masonic), 864-7468
When: Noon-4 p.m.
Cost: A la carte
What: Taste a variety of oysters prepared many ways (raw, barbecued, or fried). Pair with house-made beer for a truly romantic experience. NOTE: Dropping an oyster into a pint of stout does not make it an "oyster stout." Trust us on this.

Once you're feeling amorous, continue your post-Valentine pick-me-up at (appropriately named) Heart:

Monk's Kettle Presents Frickin' Firkin Tuesday
Where: Heart, 1270 Valencia (at 24th St.), 285-1200
When: 5-11 p.m.
Cost: $5/glass, cash only
What: Cask-conditioned beer is generally unfiltered and served without C02 carbonation from a vessel containing live yeast. While the relative lack of effervescence and warmer serving temp may catch you off guard, this style of beer service allows subtle flavors to come to the fore. Enjoy casks of beer from Ballast Point, Moonlight, Stillwater, and others, paired with food from Monk's chef Adam Dulye.

[Ed. note: The Beer Meets Beast Dinner was canceled after this post went live.]

Beer Meets Beast Dinner
Where: Beast and the Hare, 1001 Guerrero (at 22nd St.), 821-1001
When: Call for seating details
Cost: $85
What: The Beast cooks team up with Fatted Calf for a five-course meal paired with Magnolia brews. Highlights include a plate of smoked pork, beer sausage, and boudin noir, served with Pride of Branthill strong ale and an herbal beer caramel with candied malt. Full menu here.

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Jason Henry
Jason Henry

@Brian Thanks for the heads up! With 320 events on the calendar, I suppose something had to fall through. Here's an alternate recommendation for your beer dinner needs:

Sierra Nevada Brewing DinnerWhere: Bar Crudo (655 Divisadero)When: 6pm-9:30pmCost: $65What: 5 beers, 5 courses (including the SF Beer Week Liquid Sourdough lager). Full menu here: http://www.barcrudo.com/menus/...


Brian Stechschulte
Brian Stechschulte

I believe the Beer Meets Beast Dinner has been cancelled? Interested folks should call the venue to double check. Here's a tweet that @SFBeerWeek sent out late last night.

"The Beer Meats Beast dinner at the Beast and the Hare with Magnolia beer, 2/15, has been canceled. Sorry!"

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