Pyongyang Express: Food Truck Handing Out Free Korean Tacos for the Next Month

John Birdsall
Who wants free Korean tacos ― anybody?
​A sister truck launched in L.A. last week, and now it's San Francisco's turn. Starting tonight and through March 21, a pop-up food truck named the Pyongyang Express ― created to pimp a new video game ― will make near-daily appearances around town, handing out free Korean tacos.

John Birdsall
The flag-burning should sit well with S.F.'s anarchist community.
​To flog the game Homefront (release date: March 15), vid-game maker and publisher THQ has hired a food truck, wrapped it in red, white, and blue graphics that include a guy burning an American flag, and will plant it in various places around town. Homefront offers an end-times vision of total war, circa 2027, when a nukes-fueled Korean People's Army invades the U.S., burning flags and eating Korean tacos and stuff.

Tonight's Pyongyang Express launch is at 5 p.m. at the Residence (718 14th St., at Church) ― 400 Korean tacos will be handed out, free, to the first in line. SFoodie knows who's making the tacos, but we've been sworn to secrecy. And we saw the truck, which is punked with double monitors under the side flap,where the condiments and cans of Arizona iced tea should be.

And though it hurts us to be pawns in the THQ's promo game, you can check out the schedule for the Pyongyang Express on its Facebook page. If you go tonight? Let us know how the tacos are.

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I'm Korean and completely annoyed that South Koreans agreed to do this. Please boycott this gimmick.


Tues, Feb 22, 5:05pm: They're waiting for a new generator so don't hold your breath.


They can keep their tacos! Burning the American flag, invading the U.S., really?? I'll stick with paying for korean tacos from the local trucks.

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