When Life Gives You Lemons ...

If you have your own backyard tree, you can easily feel overwhelmed.
​Make lemonade? Screw that. I can think of about ten million better things to do with lemons. So come on, life, give me more lemons.

Lemons are burstingly abundant right now. If you're lucky enough to have a tree in your (or a friend's) backyard, you're probably about to be crushed under the weight of them. And that's okay, because there's hardly a more delicious way to die.

Marmalade is a lovely way to use lemons, especially sweet, aromatic Meyers, or maybe kicked up with some lavender. If you're the impatient type (marmalade can be a bit of a chore), opt in for a simple jam, like this one made with lovely kiwi.

How about a nice, creamy lemon curd? Don't worry: It has no calories. Ahem. And think of all the extra egg whites you'll have afterwards, so you can make egg-white omelets to offset your cholesterol intake.

But perhaps the most versatile way to use lemons is to preserve them with salt. Over time ― really, they can last pretty much forever ― the sharpness of the lemons mellows, and a pinch of the chopped rind can bring a blast of sunshine to any dish, especially stews and braises. It can be as simple as mixing lemons and salt, but you can spice it up a bit as well. And with just a little extra effort, you can produce a very traditional Vietnamese condiment, chanh muối.

For even more tempting lemon ideas, check out Punk Domestics.

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Screw Lemonade? Lemonade made from fresh lemons is my favorite beverage, and if I can get Meyer lemons to make it, I'm in heaven.

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