Translating Chinese New Year Menus, Part 6: Imperial Palace

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Last in our series of Chinese New Year's menus from Chinatown restaurants is this one, from Imperial Palace on Washington Street.

May you have a fertile new year.
Like most of the other menus we printed, it's classic Cantonese:

Mincemeat with lettuce wrap
Honey walnut shrimp
Mushrooms and string beans with shortribs
Soup with chives and dried scallops
Young spring chicken
Garlic rice noodles with steamed lobster
Pig's feet braised with red bean curd
Mustard green with supreme broth
Steamed fresh fish
Chive noodles

One last thanks to Adobo Hobo's Ed Chui and his parents for doing the translations.

Imperial Palace: 818 Washington (at Grant), 956-9888.

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