Eating Haitian for Haitians

Dinner to Benefit Grassroots Haiti Groups

Where: Station 40, 330B 16th St. (at Mission)

When: Sun., Feb. 20, 8 p.m.

Cost: $50, cash or check at the door

The rundown: Underground chef Leif Hedendal is fixing what he calls a "multi-course family-style feast," rendered from produce sourced at local farms. It's a benefit for three groups in Jakmel, Haiti, working to heal ruptures from the earthquake of January 2010: the Jakmel Ekspresyon community arts center, the KOLAJ artist collective, and MESS, a student nonprofit working on physical and mental health issues. Live music, plus multimedia presentations about the work the recipient groups are doing in Haiti. Something tells us that, though the dinner's designed to provide relief for people still ― tragically recovering from a tragedy, this is going to be fun.

Menu highlights: fried plantains, "picklese" cabbage and carrots, red beans and rice, braised greens, pain patate


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Um, haven't we seen that all the aid to Haiti has been misdirected over the last year and not really reached Haiti? Are you telling me that this is supposed to be better, just because? I ask as those ingredients for the meal are about $1, so $50 seems like a rather large profit and I question the "it's for a good cause" as anyone should be doing.

Jacmel Working Group
Jacmel Working Group

I am one of the organizers of this event and collaborate with all three organizations.All of the proceeds of this event are going directly to Jakmel Ekspresyon Arts Center, KOLAJ artist collective and the public health student movement, MESS. We are a small solidarity group who have personal connections to the Jacmel community.There is no profit for anyone here and this a small event with a maximum of 50 people attending. Please visit: to find out more about these wonderful organizations.

Jacmel Working Group[
Jacmel Working Group[

Correction for the article:the Benefit dinner will be held at Station 40 3030 'B' 16th Street near Mission St.It is up a flight of stairs, there will be someone greeting people at the entrance.The cost is $30 to $50 sliding scale perperson.Thanks,Ivy JeanneJacmel Working Group

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