Cookie Busts, Modern Pan Dulce, and Trick Muffins: This Week in Food Bloggery

Would you buy bread from this man? You should.

Five highlights from the blog this week:

1. We SFoodie staffers felt like we were running so many stories about local vendors launching their products at the Haight Street Whole Foods (examples: Azalina's kaya, Hapa SF's pinakbet) that John Birdsall interviewed Harv Singh, the man responsible for bringing the new vendors into the store.

2. Yeah, it was inevitable that the Fat Cookies window delivery unit would end with a bust. Still, it's a little puzzling that the police have busted Dolores Park's only non-marijuana-infused illegal dessert vendor. Should we suspect a tipoff from the truffle guy?

3. Speaking of non-pot-infused sweets, SFoodie has expended a lot of words chronicling how Jaime Maldonado has welcomed street carts and small vendors into the kitchens of La Victoria, his family's 60-year-old panaderia. It's good to see Maldonado achieve another personal goal: bringing the talented Luis Villavelazquez in to create pan dulce for the millennial generation.

4. Which is most likely to warrant a Pomplemoose musical tribute: Oakland's mac and cheese restaurant or Josey Baker's community supported bread?

5. Instant classic on par with Secret Breakfast ice cream: Tell Tale Preserve Co.'s Rebel Within, which Birdsall discovered as part of our continuing quest to identify 92 amazing dishes in San Francisco. A poached egg baked into a muffin? Take that, cherpumple.

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