Translating Chinese New Year Menus, Part 2: Great Eastern Restaurant

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It's their year, too.
The Year of the Rabbit celebrations continue, and so do our translations of Chinatown banquet menus. Today's comes from Great Eastern, one of Chinatown's best-known Cantonese restaurants. A thousand thanks to Thomas Kwong for the translation (Thomas did this one for us on the fly, so we collectively guessed on a couple of the items).

Yesterday's menu, provided to SFoodie by Lichee Garden, menu seemed more of a general banquet menu. Great Eastern's special dinners, however, include many classic New Year's dishes, such as steamed fresh fish and the wordplay-filled dried oyster and hair moss, listed on the menu as "good fortune and good business." SFoodie was a little disappointed to see shark's fin soup here, since more and more bans on shark finning are being enacted around the world. But you can order any of these menus without shark's fin.

Here's Great Eastern's $388 menu, for instance, which serves 8-12 people:

Platter of barbecued meats
Shark-fin soup with shredded chicken and fish maw
Yellow chives with scallop and sliced sea snail [this last may be inaccurate]
Crispy queen's chicken
Stir-fried squab with preserved vegetable
Hair moss and dried oyster
Ginger and green onions with double crab
Steamed fresh fish
Fried rice with dried scallop and egg white
Fresh fruit and desserts

Great Eastern Restaurant: 649 Jackson (at Stockton), 986-2500.

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After going through this article i am very much interested to try the great Eastern's $388 menu with my friends. Thanks!

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