About City Clinic, Beneficiary of SFoodie's One Love Bake Sale

If you're planning to come down to the Mission this Sunday, Feb. 13, to buy boxes and boxes of pastries from some of SFoodie's favorite bakeries, we figured you should know a little more about the agency you're going to be donating all your money to.

Century-old S.F. City Clinic has been one of the pioneering sexual and reproductive health services agencies since it founded in March 1911. In fact, in his book Barbary Coast, Herbert Asbury, wrote about the clinic's first campaign to prevent STDs among sex workers and their customers (see pages 275-7 on Google Books). Asbury says the clinic closed in 1913, but if it did, it wasn't for long; the clinic has operated out of its Seventh Street location for decades.

City Clinic is best known for drop-in STD testing. In fact, that's it's primary mission. But it also offers low-cost reproductive health services ― pap smears, birth control advice, pregnancy counseling ― to women. It helps women obtain Plan B contraception and provides post-exposure HIV prevention treatment to people who've had unsafe sex. And the clinic doesn't just work with patients; it makes STD treatment guidelines available to health providers and participates in numerous medical research studies.

February 14 is the launch date for S.F. City Clinic's new campaign to distribute female condoms, which Lauren Smiley wrote about in SF Weekly last month. Department of Public Health spokeswoman Jacque McCright and several other staff members will be at the bake sale to talk about the clinic and its services. If the prospect of lemon bars and cupcakes isn't enough to get you down to La Victoria this Sunday, perhaps a couple of free condoms will.

San Francisco City Clinic:
356 Seventh St., 487-5500, www.sfcityclinic.org.

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