Who Builds These Blocks?

Tamara Palmer
​Think of these as building blocks to both good health and a satisfied palate. If you think you can name both this dish and the San Francisco restaurant where SFoodie snapped this picture, leave your answer in the comments.

Congratulations to Joe L. and Chubby, who managed to nail last week's Mystery Spot (mini lobster roll at Thermidor) at the exact same time. Freaky but cool, gentlemen!

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I know what they are but not which restaurant they came from :(Theyre Agedashi (Fried) Tofu....Im going to guess Nombe even though Im pretty sure thats not right because of the plate/interior.

John Birdsall, SFoodie Editor
John Birdsall, SFoodie Editor

Thanks for the guess, but no, not agedashi tofu, not even tofu. And not Nombe, though you're vaguely warm, location-wise.

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