Tell Tale Trunk Show to Stay Through January

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Gil Riego Jr.
William Werner's temporary holiday cafe in Potrero Hill's Big Daddy's antique shop will stick around a few weeks more.
It's the time of the year when every sidewalk turns into a pine-tree graveyard and the shop windows still decorated with snowflakes look pathetic, not festive. It's a time for holiday things to be wrapped in paper, and for that overhang we've been nurturing all December to shrink.

The holiday season needs to go. Unless you're the Tell Tale Preserve Co.'a holiday pop-up shop, which is free to stay in Potrero Hill as long as it wants. Launched at the beginning of December, the Tell Tale Trunk Show looks as much an extension of the Big Daddy's antique store hosting it as a display for William Werner's pastries, confections, and preserves.
Gil Riego Jr.
For a one-month seasonal shop, the place is gorgeous, as if a little piece of Portland broke off and floated down the coast, or as if Paxton Gate had branched into interior decoration. "I think we are here through January," Werner now says. "We finally finished painting the chalkboard wall at the end of December, so we figured we might as well roll it out for another month. It's been really fun."

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