JapaCurry Truck Proposes Three New Locations Downtown

Sonya T./Yelp
JapaCurry's lunchtime line at Mission and New Montgomery.
​After last week's encounter with an angry restaurant owner, Jay Hamada didn't park his JapaCurry truck on Second Street on Monday and Tuesday. Instead, Hamada submitted three new locations yesterday to Alfreddie Steward, the Police Department's administrative permit officer. Hamada tells SFoodie the curbside spaces are at 110 California (at Davis), 210 Sansome (at Pine), and 45 Fremont (at Mission). Hamada says he made sure there are no restaurants near the spots he's proposed, except at 45 Fremont, which is in sight of a Noah's Bagels (99 Fremont), Lee's Deli (95 Fremont), and the Power Source Juice Bar (81 Fremont). "I'm sure there's no competition there," Hamada says.

Hamada says he's had no further communication from Harvest and Rowe's Alison Rowe after her Jan. 19 letter complaining to city officials of JapaCurry's permit to park on Second Street. And the only person from the city he's heard from is Regina Dick-Endrizzi, director of the city's Office of Small Business, who told Hamada she'd help him move to a new location, and that he wouldn't have to pay a new $10,000 application fee.

And JapaCurry's Wed.-Fri. location, on Mission at New Montgomery? Hamada tells SFoodie that someone called the police about the JapaCurry truck today. Two officers appeared, asking to see his permit. When he produced it, they thanked him and retreated. "When they left, some customers cheered me," Hamada says.

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dj duckfat
dj duckfat

"...and that he wouldn't have to pay a new $10,000 application fee."



People shouldnt complain about catering trucks, it is free competition. Just because the truck doesnt have to provide a restroom, pay high rents and utility bills, clean and repair seating areas, and spend thousands of dollars making all the facilities ADA compliant shouldnt be a reason to complain.

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