No Salatin for You

Farmer Joel Salatin is worshipped across the country for his tireless work serving the sustainable food movement. Fittingly, he's speaking to his disciples tonight in a Berkeley church about spirituality and ethical food choices. Tickets to the event sold out faster than you can say "free range," so we thought we'd give a taste of what you're missing. Never boring, instructive without being preachy, Salatin is a dynamic public speaker who could convert the most die-hard McDonald's muncher. Check out his TED talk in 2009 (above). If you still want more, give a reread of the ethical food bible, Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, in which Salatin's Polyface farm features prominently. Or cook up a batch of non-GMO popcorn and settle down for a viewing of Food, Inc., the hugely influential documentary that helped enshrine the cult of Salatin. Friday night has never felt so sustainable.

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