Humphry Slocombe Turns Terrible Two, Plans Drag Queen Bash at Truck

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Humphry Slocombe is a toddler.
Humphry Slocombe is tumbling into the terrible twos, having just passed its second year mark. Best believe the boys behind this hot ice cream parlor will not just be sitting in the corner with a cone by way of celebration; instead, expect lovely drag queens (including the infamous Suppositori Spelling, who has met her muse Tori) and sweets for the tummy as well as the eyes as they take up at gay bar Truck for a night of rowdy fun.

Humphry Slocombe Terrible Twos
When: Wed., Jan. 12, 9 p.m.-2 a.m.
Where: Truck, 1900 Folsom (at 15th St), 252-0356
Cost: Free

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January 13 is a Thursday. So is the celebration on the 13th or the 12th?

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