Burger King Finds New Way to Make You Fat

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Burger King
The Jalapeño and Cheddar BK Stuffed Steakhouse burger: digusting or brilliant?
​It didn't take long for the creative geniuses behind fast-food marketing to come up with a new way to make you fat in the New Year. Earlier this week we noticed a new menu item at our local Burger King, with the slogan "Jalapeño and Cheddar In it. Not on it."

Now, we've heard of stuffed-crust pizza, but not many cheese-stuffed burgers. And while the Jalapeño and Cheddar BK Stuffed Steakhouse burger ($3.99, $6.09 for the meal combo) is no chicken cordon bleu, the burger does have bits of cheddar cheese and jalapeño mixed right into the meat patty. According to the press release, the marketing campaign and TV ads start Jan. 17.

We wonder how much research went into developing this. Did anybody consider that the sight of yellow ooze squirting from a burger's every pore might not appeal to one of BK's target demographic segments, namely teenagers with pimples? Compared to last year's famous KFC Double Down, what do you think about BK's latest? Disgusting or brilliant? If you try one, let us know.

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I think it is awesome, I am kinda feeling guilty about wanting another. The bun was more flavorful, the sauce added character, and the burger was juicy and slightly spicy. Amazing burger. If it was a dollar cheaper I would get 2 at a time.


Maybe You Like It, I did....WOW, that is a tasty burger.



I tried one yesterday on my lunchbreak and it was delicious.I had mine at the Braintree Ma. Store near Best Buy.

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