Pastured Pork to You: Details on 4505 Meats' CSA Box

4505 Meats
​On The Office this week, resident lump Kevin shared his New Year's resolution to eat more vegetables ― an easy task, since his veggie intake last year was exactly zero. We're thinking Kevin is probably not from San Francisco. In an area where produce is abundant, fresh, and downright irresistible, the Bay Area carnivore is more likely to adopt a nuanced resolution involving the sourcing or treatment of their meat. If that sounds like you, then 4505 Meats has your number with two CSA pastured pork pickups, this Friday and Saturday, Jan. 28 and 29.

As you probably know, pastured pork sits on the top shelf of humane treatment. Meat labeled organic or free range often comes up short in the ethical department, as the "outdoors" the animals are exposed to can be a concrete slab and their exercise time may be minimal. But 4505's CSA is packed with porcine products from Riverdog Farm, where the pigs spend all their time outdoors on an open pasture. They eat grass, bask in the sunshine, and breathe fresh air.

But if you're less concerned with how the pig is treated than how it tastes, rest assured: Happy meat is tasty meat. Pastured pork is practically code for "get salivating." Not only are the Tamworth hogs for this CSA raised well, they are also a uniquely delicious, unfatty breed. According to 4505's website, Tamworths are rumored to be descended from wild European boars, which we'll take their word for. After all, 4505 has never steered us wrong before.

Cost: $70 for 7+ pounds of pastured pork products

What you get:
-Brined pork loin
-Black pepper and brown sugar-rubbed pork belly
-Herbed lard
-Tasso ham
-Pork stock demiglace
-Pork shoulder confit
-Rosemary and lard shortbread cookies

Pickups: Fri., Jan. 28, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Local Mission Eatery, 3111 24th St. (at Folsom). Also Sat., Jan. 29, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. at the 4505 Meats booth at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market.

To order: Visit 4505's online store

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