Wooly Pig Cafe to Open in the Inner Sunset

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Jonathan Kauffman
Wooly Pig Cafe's logo.
SFoodie just noticed this logo appearing on the papered-over windows of what used to be the Hugo Street Cafe in the Inner Sunset. Phone calls to the city revealed only that the owners are operating under the name "Sour Kao"; in addition, the cafe is not connected to Wooly Pigs, the Washington State producer of Mangalitsa pork.

The counterperson at the convenience store next door says he thinks Wooly Pig will be a cafe selling sandwiches, not a full-service restaurant. Great logo, though. If you know any more, let us know. (Side note: According to Merriam-Webster, "wooly" is an acceptable variant of "woolly," the dictionary's preferred spelling.)

Wooly Pig Cafe: 205 Hugo (at Second Ave.).

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