We'd Totally Buy Lunch from a Truck Called 'Long Duk Dong Bao'

The Feast SF Bay Area
BaoHaus owner Eddie Huang explains why he thinks Mobi Munch still needs to find another name for its Chairman Bao truck.
Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Baby-faced BaoHaus owner Eddie Huang shows up calmer on tape than he does on blog. Today the New York restaurateur tells The Feast's Tamara Palmer why it still rankles that Mobi Munch walked away with the name "Chairman Bao" for its S.F. bun truck, after Huang says he made the name famous. Check out Huang's suggestions for other inspiring figures Mobi Munch could still switch to, if it wanted: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Bao; Long Duk Dong Bao, Connie Chung Bao ― hell, even something in homage to William Hung.

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