Ten Great Bay Area Street-Food Bites from 2010

Tamara Palmer
We spent just as much (if not more) time eating from legal trucks and informal carts on the street as in actual restaurants in 2010. Here are some memorable highlights of a year spent eating frugally in the open air.

10. Orange mascarpone cheesecake by Lutz + Lutz of Cheese, Precita Park

This one-off cart ― created for the purpose of shooting a street-food episode of the Food Network series What Would Brian Boitano Make? ― served a light and zesty dessert for just a buck. Though Lutz + Lutz is gone, Boitano offers the recipe and demonstrates how to make the cheesecake on the show.

Tamara Palmer
9. Jalapeño and guanciale pizza from PizzaHacker, Valencia Street

Jeff Krupman is fond of saying his street-slung pies "ain't Domino's," but we think not only are they not Domino's, they're better than certain pizza joints around town getting a lot of attention.

Tamara Palmer
8. Grapefruit custard pie from pieTISSERIE, Illinois Street

We didn't think grapefruit and custard would work together, really ― we thought the citrus would really curdle the eggy pudding in an off-putting way. What a relief to take a chance on this little pie from the cutest little provincial pie window and discover that this could be such a harmonious combination.

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